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Last Ditch Racing, a Maine based Performance Rally team, awarded their coveted Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award to the team of Peter Thomson and Rod Hendricksen at the Rallye Perce-Neige Maniwaki in Quebec this past weekend.

Last Ditch Racing awards the Thong at events in which they participate and the criteria for winning is variable and highly subjective. The winner of this snowy winter rally was to be the team that made their car look most like a snowball.

Said Cassidy, "There were many teams that made their cars look like snowballs, but very few of those snowballs rolled to the end of the rally and finished. Peter and Rod kept digging their way to the finish. I guess you could say they slid their way into the thong!" The LDR crew passed Thompson and Hendrickson, but could not pull them out due to a marginal clutch in their car.

Rallying is all about persevering despite adversity, and the winners of the Thong all illustrate this winning spirit.

The Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong is presented in conjunction with Last Ditch Racing's partner, Triple Caution, Inc., the Northeast Distributor for MOTUL lubricants.


Last Ditch Racing, comprised of driver John Cassidy and Co-Driver Dave Getchell, piloted their Subaru Impreza WRX to a 10th overall finish at the Rallye Perce-Neige Maniwaki, the first event of the Canadian Association of Rally Sport Championship series. The team finished 5th in the high-power Open Class.

The team also brought home their first career podium finish, placing 3rd in the Ontario Regional Rally Championship event and third in the Open Class.

Conditions were perfect with several inches of fresh snow falling the day prior to the event. The event also saw some of the longest stages in North American rallying with two stages exceeding 45 kilometers in length.