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An update from the LDR crew in New Richmond, Quebec!

We arrived at about 01:00 after an 8 hour drive from Triple Caution Farm, LDR World Headquarters in Bangor, Maine.

Staying at the lovely Cascapedia Lodge in New Richmond. In spite of the late(or early) hour of our arrival, our host greeted us in his bathrobe and graciously showed us to our rooms.

Today, John and Dave(and John, John's son) did recce and found the stages muddy, wet, and very rough. After a 9-10 hour day on the stages making their own notes, the team hit the Bayou lounge at the Hotel Francis for some good food and networking with rally friends.

Duncan and Ken spent the day running errands and looking after gear and last minute details on the car.

Our new Dodge Sprinter van hauled the car and gear with aplomb and is a vast improvement over the Ford box truck we've hauled with for the last couple years. A big thanks to George at Bangor Chrysler/Dodge for getting a new turbo installed the morning of our trip! :-)

Another BIG, BIG thanks to Bronson, chief fabricator and pontificator, for getting the truck together with a push the day of our departure. The push saw John and Bronson turn the lights off in the shop at 04:30. The team could truly not perform at the level we do without Bronson's help and contributions!

Crew present at this rally include: Duncan Matlack, Ken Anctil, Drew Simpson, John Cassidy, Dave Getchell and John Cassidy V.

Up tomorrow AM for an early breakfast and setting up the service area. We know from the conditions of the stages, that there'll be carnage this weekend-we just hope it doesn't involve us! ;-)

Check the Rallye BDC site for results as the day progresses.

Cheers! The LDR crew

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