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Work continues at a furious pace here at Triple Caution Farm! We're outfitting our new(used) 2006 Dodge Sprinter cargo van with custom shelving and a seat for crew. We're fabbing everything out of aluminum and it should be a sweet ride once it's done! :-)

Moving from one rally service vehicle to another is almost like moving from one house to another. The tow rig is our, "mothership," and has to be our home away from home, and even our lifeboat if need be.

T-4 is also getting some love prior to our next event in about 3 weeks.

Wicked hot working today(about 90) and Bronson was working up a sweat with the welder in the shop.

We'll be hard at it between now and Baie, making sure everything's as perfect as it can be!

Cheers! John

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