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It's quiet. A bit unnerving actually. Co-driver Dave Getchell and myself are alone in the condo at Sunday River. I'm taking some time to center and Dave is working on the route books. We're both listening to the wind blow across the mountain.

Some distant echoes of rally car exhaust notes as the cars are being driven up to Parc Expose.

The crew has left for the service area and it's up to us to make it through the first couple of stages so that we can see them at our next planned service.

Everything has a schedule, and a rally weekend is lived minute-by-minute, making the weekend extremely long. Of course, it's punctuated by times in the car on stage that make you think someone with a big remote control is pressing the fast forward button! ;-)

The pressure palpable. Dave and I don't feel like eating. We're hydrating and I've got some energy bars for the car.

Dave has just finished his notes and we'll suit up and head up the mountain for Expose and the driver's meeting.

Rally is a sport where you try to control all the variables, but know that you can't control them all. The car is prepped, shiny and all the fluids are topped off. The tires are round, sticky and are holding air. Dave and I feel good, but edgy.

What happens after we pull up to the line? 3...2...1....GO!!!

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