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We think about racing! Duh! ;-)

Seriously, we're always thinking about the next event and planning the logistics and the upgrade/repair path for the rally car.

Currently, we're planning a test day for the car this weekend in the Maine forest. This will give us an opportunity to make sure the car is solid and that the new pedal assembly we installed prior to Rallye Defi allows us full throttle of the car.

We've decided that we're going to step outside our usual cast of events and travel to the Lake Superior Performance Rally in Michigan in October. This will be a 1,200 mile tow for the team and we'll plan to do it over two days. Three would be ideal and we might have to stretch it out. We'll leave a little breathing room en route.

LSPR will be a good event for a number of reasons. The first is that it's near the hometown of Jeff Moyle, a fellow competitor who recently passed away in a non-rally related accident. We really only met him at the New England Forest Rally, but found him to be a great guy who always had a smile on his face. I got to meet his wife and their beautiful daughter at the recent X-Games in LA. Jeff had quite the cheering crowd in the stands! He'll be missed.

LSPR will also give us an opportunity to see the event, should we have the opportunity to revisit it in 2009. You never know what the future will bring.

We're also making sure our passports are in order. For what, I'm not at liberty to say, but it involves cars and travel-what better combo is there than that?!

We'll post some pictures and videos of the weekends' test and let you all know how it went. We'll make sure we ONLY put fuel in the tank this time! ;-)

Cheers! John

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