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What a roller coaster of a month! We had originally planned, or rather felt obligated, to go to the LSPR rally in Michigan. We had erroneously calculated that we needed to attend to defend our 2008 Rally America Eastern Regional Championship title.

After another competitor pointed out that we didn't need to, we were a bit deflated. We went from not really wanting to take a week away from work/family to attend to being pumped to go on another rally adventure! I spent several straight days doing car prep and loading and modding the tow rig only to get the call to stand down. Always a hard thing to change the rally prep transmission from drive to park.

Regardless, it appears that the 2008 Rally America Eastern Regional Overall and Open Championship is ours. In 2007, we took the Open Championship, but missed out on the overall. We also ended 2007 second in the RA Regional Rally Championship after a penalty at 100AW Rally took us out.

Needless to say, we'll be looking forward to attending 100AW in Missouri again at the end of February 2009.

So, how do we celebrate the championship? With another rally of course! :-) This rally will be outside the US and happen before the end of the year. Why so cryptic?! Well, we want it to be a surprise for our friends and fans, so are making sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted before announcing the entry.

T-4 is in good shape, but waiting for some new rear end bushings and the replacement radiator fan to go in. Other than that, she's ready to roll. A trip to Canada next week to pick up some rally tires and we should be set for the next couple of rallies.

We spent some time last week adding a workbench to the venerable Sprinter tow rig and he's now more capable than ever. We have one other shelving project planned, but then the rig should be just about done(who am I kidding? It's never done!).

Leaves are falling here in Maine. The maples at Triple Caution Farm are hanging on, but turning yellow and red. The old ash trees dropped their leaves about three weeks ago. It seems to me that the old trees just seem to be tired when fall rolls around and their leaves just drop in a couple of days. Can't say as I blame them. When I'm over 100, my leaves will drop! ;-)

In other news, there was serious discussion of LDR being part of a two car national effort for 2009. Alas, many factors conspired against that becoming a reality, so we'll continue to do what we do best-rally! I have to admit, the team was flattered to even be on a list of considered candidates, and hopefully a similar opportunity will present itself in the future.

Cheers! John

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