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Last Ditch Racing completed leg one of the 16th edition of the Rallye International Charlevoix, ending it's day on a lonely stretch of road with only three wheels on the car.

Stage six claimed two tires on the passenger side of the car. Equipped with one spare, the team changed the tire, and soldiered on for nearly 25km with three tires. The tire began to delaminate and the team decided to call it a day rather than damage the car.

Day one saw 12 of the 30 entries retire for a multitude of reasons. The stages were extremely slippery, often comprised of both snow and gravel surfaces, making tire choice difficult for all the teams.

Despite the flat tires, the team found their P-3 Impreza to be working well in the snow. "It took me awhile to get used to the rough and slippery conditions, but we go into a groove after having a minor off on SS 1 and loosing some time," said Cassidy. "It was difficult accepting a retirement because of tires, but we drove on the rim until it became impossible. We were starting to post some better times and move up in the standings by the end of the day as we adjusted to the conditions."

Charlevoix marked the team's seventh event for 2002, and is the team's first DNF this season. Last Ditch Racing's next and final event for 2002 will be the Maine Forest Winter Rally, held in December.

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