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    What follows is a myriad of Triple Caution Thong awards, presented by Last Ditch Racing in conjunction with Triple Caution at three recent North American rally championship events.

    The Thong is presented by Last Ditch Racing, in conjunction with team partner Triple Caution, Inc. at each event the team competes in. The skimpy garment is awarded to teams that meet the ever-changing criteria as determined by the Last Ditch Racing team. Criteria heavily favor finishing the event in the face of adversity. Each Triple Caution Thong is custom embroidered for the specific event.

    McGeer Thong

    Thongs to be Awarded

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    Last Ditch Racing, a Maine based performance rally team is pleased to announce that they will present the Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award at both the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary, Alberta and the Susquehannock Trails ProRally(STPR) in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania later this month.

    The Triple Caution Thong, a skimpy undergarment custom embroidered for each specific event, has become a cult trophy coveted by rallyists across North America. Criteria for winning the Thong varies from event to event, and is often biased to favor those that persevere in the face of adversity.


    Last Ditch Racing, a Maine based Performance Rally team, awarded their coveted Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award to the team of Peter Thomson and Rod Hendricksen at the Rallye Perce-Neige Maniwaki in Quebec this past weekend.

    Last Ditch Racing awards the Thong at events in which they participate and the criteria for winning is variable and highly subjective. The winner of this snowy winter rally was to be the team that made their car look most like a snowball.

    Said Cassidy, "There were many teams that made their cars look like snowballs, but very few of those snowballs rolled to the end of the rally and finished. Peter and Rod kept digging their way to the finish. I guess you could say they slid their way into the thong!" The LDR crew passed Thompson and Hendrickson, but could not pull them out due to a marginal clutch in their car.

    Rallying is all about persevering despite adversity, and the winners of the Thong all illustrate this winning spirit.

    The Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong is presented in conjunction with Last Ditch Racing's partner, Triple Caution, Inc., the Northeast Distributor for MOTUL lubricants.


    Multiple and 2003 Canadian Rally Champion Tom McGeer didn't make the podium at the Rally of The Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontario this past weekend, so why did he drive out of Bancroft with a smile on his face?!

    McGeer was the recipient of the Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award, that's why! The award has been presented by the Last Ditch Racing team in each event they've competed in 2003. Criteria for winning the thong changes each event, with the winner at Bancroft the team who finished in spite of sustaining the most damage during the rally.


    Triple Caution, Inc., the New England distributor for MOTUL lubricants and Last Ditch Racing are teaming up once again to present the, "Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong Award," at the Rally Of The Tall Pines in Bancroft Ontario Nov. 21-22, 2003.

    The Thong will be awarded to the team who slips and slides there rally car across the finish after suffering and overcoming the most damage. One Thong will be awarded across the entire National and Regional field. As usual, the judging is totally subjective, and the decision of the Last Ditch Racing Team is final.


    Rallye Defi-St. Agathe Duhamel, round seven of the Canada Association of Rally Sports' National Series saw heated battles that could only attributed to, "Thong Fever," or as it's known in Quebec, "Thong Fievre."

    The winners of the Triple Caution Thong at Rallye Defi were Steve Quigley and Cory Cross, both of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. They drove their 1995 2.2L Subaru Impreza wagon to an impressive 13th finish overall and a fourth in the P4 class. The team was seeded 5A and started in 28th position.


    Having sequestered themselves for more than a week in order to focus on awarding the latest Triple Caution Thong awards, the Last Ditch Racing team has emerged with the thongs in hand, ready to present to the lucky winners.

    The Last Ditch Racing Triple Caution Thong is a saucy under-garment awarded to fellow competitors at all events the Last Ditch Racing team competes in. The criteria is always variable and quite subjective. The team is presenting two thongs, a double-whammy if you will, to competitors in both the Pro and Club editions of the recent Maine Forest Rally held in Rumford Maine USA.


     Last Ditch Racing is proud to present the inaugural "Last Ditch Racing-Triple Caution Thong Award," to fellow New Englander Chris Sanborn and DJ Emmons for their stunning performance at the Susquehannock Trail ProRally in Pennsylvania. The thong is part of Last Ditch Racing's line of merchandise and can be seen at

    Sanborn and Hathaway win the award by creeping from the back to the front of the pack, as a thong might, gaining 39 positions in the rally. The team finished 20th after starting in 59th position.