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Bangor, Maine (12/10/02) - Last Ditch Racing, a Bangor, Maine team, consisting of Driver/owner John Cassidy and Co-Driver Dave Getchell, completed the 5 stage snow event despite two off-road excursions.

The event was the first outing for their updated Subaru Impreza, now considerably lighter and more powerful. "We spent the week before the event trying to make the engine run correctly-it wasn't the way we like to prep for an event," said driver/owner John Cassidy. "The car refused to start the night before the event, so we just winched it into the trailer and headed to Rumford anyway."

To the relief of the team, the car started on race day. The team found the stages comprised of packed snow with some loose snow on top and the occasional ice. "We were basically road testing the new version of the car," said Cassidy. Grip was a scarce commodity, but the snow experience will stand the team in good steed for upcoming Canadian and US snow events.

The Maine Forest Winter rally, once a staple on the ProRally calender, has not been held for a number of years. "I started rallying the year following the last Maine Winter event, so running this event is a dream come true for myself and the team," said Cassidy. Cassidy and Getchell posted the 11th fasted time on SS 5, ending the day on a high note.

Last Ditch Racing completed 9 events in 2002. With two podium finishes at Canadian national events and a first in class at the inagural Targa Newfoundland, the team is poised to build next year. The team only experienced one DNF this season at Charlevoix after running out of spare tires.

ā€œIā€™m very pleased with the car, the team, and the way my driving is progressing,ā€ said Cassidy. The team plans on running select National Canadian events and SCCA ProRally events in the Open class.

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