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Last Ditch Racing welcomes as a new team sponsor. The company will be supplying the team with the well known LINK PLUS ECU stand alone engine management system. The LINK will allow the team to tune their engine for maximum reliability and performance. Prior to their last event, the team spent several weeks wiring up their stock engine control unit to run a transplanted 2.5 litre Impreza RS engine into the car. John Cassidy, team owner and driver says: "It was terrible-we kept Eric busy for at least two weeks straight trying to get it to run. Although the engine runs at present, it's not optimized. The LINK PLUS will allow us to have performance and reliability, which are two things all rally teams strive for!" is a California business specializing in engine managment and tuning, as well as the installation of the the USDM WRX drivetrain into older Imprezas. Turbo installations into the venerable Impreza RS is another offered service.
Based in Maine, USA, Last Ditch Racing is set to head North to Canada to contest the FIA sanctioned Rallye De Quebec at the end of February. This will be the team's second time at Rallye De Quebec and their first time doing recce and making their own stage notes. The team is looking forward to the challenge of what will surely be a deep snow event combined with the recce. "I've found that the snow can suck you in, and it's always deep in Quebec this time of year," says Cassidy. "Making our own notes is an experience that we don't get in the US, and is an important skill for us to learn."

Co-driving will be recent team addition Dave Getchell, who recently completed the Maine Forest Winter rally in early December. Cassidy welcomes Getchell's proficiency with a shovel and his calm demeanor in the car. Says Cassidy, "Dave has really stepped up for the team and I'm confident that we'll and have a good showing in Quebec."

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