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Last Ditch Racing drove their normally aspirated Subaru Impreza across the finish line at the Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally in Pennsylvania to earn a second place finish among Seed 5 drivers, a ninth place finish in the hotly contested Open Class and 26th position overall. The team started the event in 54th position.

Last Ditch Racing campaigned the only normally aspirated cars in the top ranked Open Class at the event. Driver/owner Cassidy is pleased with the effort. "The weekend was a very strong showing for the team, demonstrating once again that we're improving with each race." The event saw high attrition due to the wet and slippery conditions. Said Cassidy, "There were sections of some stages where I thought the steering wheel wasn't connected to the wheels anymore!"
The team had their clutch fail on Friday's practice stage, but with the help of Cole & Burd Automotive in Mansfield, PA, they had the car back in fighting shape for the start of the race. "We can't say enough good things about the folks at Cole & Burd," said Cassidy. "They stayed late and really made our weekend possible." In addition to the clutch, Cassidy put the car nearly on its' side at the finish of Special Stage 2. "I thought we were going over and live up to our team name! All of Dave Getchell's(co-driver) pencils came out of the passenger door pocket and across the cockpit."

Cassidy and Getchell are gelling as a team, STPR being their third event together. "STPR is very fast and Dave's notes were spot on. With every event, we're getting better with the stage notes and learning how to pace them with my driving. At the end of the long day, we had fatigue and fog to contend with, but we pulled it off."

The team's is looking forward to their next event, the Maine Forest Rally on August 1.

Last Ditch Racing would like to thank their sponsors:,,,, and A special thanks to Cole & Burd at

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