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Last Ditch Racing, a Bangor Maine based ProRally team, is making final preparations to attend the Susquehannock Trail ProRally(STPR) in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania June 7-8.

STPR is round 3 of the SCCA ProRally Championship.

Last Ditch Racing recently completed the Rim of the World ProRally in Palmdale, California. The team posted their best finish to date, gaining 19 positions positions to finish 24th in the Pro event and 12th in the ClubRally. The team also posted two top 10 stage times in the ClubRally event, another first. The wet and muddy conditions suited their all-wheel drive Subaru Impreza.
The team suffered engine management troubles at the Rim of the World, causing them to slow. With help from Paul Fisher at Australia's Middleton RallyTeam(MRT), the team now believes they are getting all the power they can out of the car. "I think if we had any more power, we'd start to break things fairly quickly," said owner/driver Cassidy. "We're looking forward to STPR, as the engine really has the torque and power we need for such a fast event."

Last Ditch Racing is pleased to announce that they will award a special, "Last Ditch Racing, Triple Caution Thong," award to the fellow competitor at STPR that makes the best charge from the back of the field over the course of the event. The thong is emblazoned with a Triple Caution logo on the front and LDR logo on the rear. Said Cassidy, "We feel that there should be some awards for the privateers who are trying their best to claw up the standings. Just like a thong has a tendency to creep forward, so will the competitor who wins this award!" The team will be awarding a thong at every event they compete in for the remainder of 2003 and fell that it will become a coveted award that teams will compete ferociously for.

Last Ditch Racing would like to thank their sponsors:,,,, and A special thanks to Paul at MRT,

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