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Having sequestered themselves for more than a week in order to focus on awarding the latest Triple Caution Thong awards, the Last Ditch Racing team has emerged with the thongs in hand, ready to present to the lucky winners.

The Last Ditch Racing Triple Caution Thong is a saucy under-garment awarded to fellow competitors at all events the Last Ditch Racing team competes in. The criteria is always variable and quite subjective. The team is presenting two thongs, a double-whammy if you will, to competitors in both the Pro and Club editions of the recent Maine Forest Rally held in Rumford Maine USA.
Said Last Ditch Racing owner/driver John Cassidy, "The Thong(s) are being presented to the teams at the Maine Forest Rally that, in our estimation, did the most with the least. That's really the premise of a thong-doing quite a bit with limited material. The Triple Caution Thong has become a most sought after award and we hope that it will offer the teams in the back of the pack an opportunity to take something home. We can't endorse the wearing of the award however-that could be negligent."

In the ProRally section of the event, the Triple Caution Thong is awarded to Travis Washay and Richard Steele. They piloted their #967 1987 VW GTi to 37th position and 7th in Group 2.

In the ClubRally portion of the event, the Triple Caution Thong is awarded to Preston Stempler and Robert Amato in the #712 1986 VW GTi, finishing in 16th position and third in Group 2.

Last Ditch Racing salutes both teams on a job well done and hopes they can find a spot on their trophy shelves for the thongs!

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