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Rallye Defi-St. Agathe Duhamel, round seven of the Canada Association of Rally Sports' National Series saw heated battles that could only attributed to, "Thong Fever," or as it's known in Quebec, "Thong Fievre."

The winners of the Triple Caution Thong at Rallye Defi were Steve Quigley and Cory Cross, both of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. They drove their 1995 2.2L Subaru Impreza wagon to an impressive 13th finish overall and a fourth in the P4 class. The team was seeded 5A and started in 28th position.
The Thong was awarded to the highest finishing team with the lowest Seed. That team happened to be Last Ditch Racing, but they couldn't take the thong home, as US customs officers had already told the team they'd have to pay tax on it if they brought it back home. "The tax would have been quite small on such a small piece of material, but we're a privateer team-besides, no one on our team can really wear a thong and do it justice," admitted Cassidy.

The Triple Caution Thong Award was the brain child of Last Ditch Racing, a Maine USA based rally team. "We wanted teams lower down the starting order to have a chance to go home with a cool, if not naughty trophy. What could be cooler than a thong!?" The team awards a Triple Caution Thong at each National/Pro event they're entered in. The criteria for winning varies from event to event, but favors the underdog.

Rallye Defi was a milestone in the history of the thong award. "This thong was dubbed the CanAm Thong. It was embroidered in the nether-regions with a half Canadian-half US flag. I think it'll become a tradition for as long as we attend the event," said Cassidy. The team of Quigley and Cross have vowed to fly the thong from the rearview mirror of their rally Impreza.

Last Ditch Racing was approached by eager teams throughout the weekend. They'd ask-"Are we going to win it?!" Many were seen with heads held low after learning that they hadn't qualified for the award. Bribes were proffered, and the thong was even grasped briefly by top privateer Andrew Comrie-Picard. "We had to be quite firm with him and his co-driver Marc Goldfarb," said Cassidy. "They were quite reticent about returning it. They now realize that you have to plan a drive for the thong-it's all about strategy!"

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