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Multiple and 2003 Canadian Rally Champion Tom McGeer didn't make the podium at the Rally of The Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontario this past weekend, so why did he drive out of Bancroft with a smile on his face?!

McGeer was the recipient of the Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award, that's why! The award has been presented by the Last Ditch Racing team in each event they've competed in 2003. Criteria for winning the thong changes each event, with the winner at Bancroft the team who finished in spite of sustaining the most damage during the rally.
John Cassidy, owner/driver for Last Ditch Racing said, "The criteria for winning the thong this event made it difficult for the drivers. They had to damage their car sufficiently to qualify, yet not so much that they couldn't finish. It obviously took a lot of cooperation between Tom and co-driver Howard Davies to plan the damage strategically. There aren't many drivers out there with that kind of talent and cunning. I think Tom was excited about it because it's the only award he doesn't have yet."

When presented with the award, McGeer exclaimed, "This is the best award I could have won this weekend!" He went on to say, "This just goes to show that even those of us at the front of the pack can make dumb mistakes."

His teammate, Pat Richard, was in the running for the award, seemingly racking up more damage with each successive stage. Richard obviously had thong fever, and the team decided to pull him from the race before he needed a completely new car altogether. With Pat out of the running, Tom sensed his chance to snatch the thong and landed harder and went wider than he ever had.

Cassidy went on to say, "It's quite clear from the carnage over the weekend that most teams came to Bancroft to win the thong. Most were unable to walk that fine line between sustainable damage and complete destruction. Tom is a true champion, and I think the thong speaks to that-or maybe not."

Tom's last comment to the LDR crew? "This isn't going to show up on the internet, is it?" Tom's got a great sense of humor!

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