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Triple Caution, Inc., the New England distributor for MOTUL lubricants and Last Ditch Racing are teaming up once again to present the, "Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong Award," at the Rally Of The Tall Pines in Bancroft Ontario Nov. 21-22, 2003.

The Thong will be awarded to the team who slips and slides there rally car across the finish after suffering and overcoming the most damage. One Thong will be awarded across the entire National and Regional field. As usual, the judging is totally subjective, and the decision of the Last Ditch Racing Team is final.
The Triple Caution Thong, a skimpy undergarment with the Triple Caution symbol on the front panel and the Last Ditch Racing logo on the rear, has become the most sought after award in North American rallying.

Said Last Ditch Racing owner/driver John Cassidy, "We wanted to provide the award to those teams fighting in the back of the pack, as they are often overlooked despite their talent." Taking the award to Canada can be dangerous said Cassidy. "When the Canadian border agents ask if we'll be leaving anything in Canada, we'll reply, "not much.""

The team has partnered with Triple Caution to present the skimpy undergarment throughout 2003. There are plans to expand the scope and range of the of the award for 2004. Said Cassidy, "There's no way we're increasing the size or square inches of material in the thong for 2004-that would be unethical. We will be looking at how many of these ultra rare thongs can be produced by our expert thong craftsman and will consider a national award program if supply can keep up with demand. We may even consider alternative materials."

Don't drive a rally car and want your own Triple Caution Thong!? For more information on Last Ditch Racing and past thong winners/pictures, please visit: or e-mail For more information on Triple Caution, please visit:

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