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Thongs to be Awarded

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Last Ditch Racing, a Maine based performance rally team is pleased to announce that they will present the Last Ditch Racing/Triple Caution Thong award at both the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary, Alberta and the Susquehannock Trails ProRally(STPR) in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania later this month.

The Triple Caution Thong, a skimpy undergarment custom embroidered for each specific event, has become a cult trophy coveted by rallyists across North America. Criteria for winning the Thong varies from event to event, and is often biased to favor those that persevere in the face of adversity.
Said LDR team owner/driver John Cassidy, "The Triple Caution Thong embodies the core concepts of rallying. Rallyists do as much as they can with limited resources and we often persevere despite discomfort. The Triple Caution Thong, and perhaps the wearing of such a radical garment illustrate these concepts perfectly."

For both Rocky Mountain and STPR, the Triple Caution Thong will be awarded to the team that finishes the event having exhibited the most ingenuity and resourcefullness in order to do so. Winners might have to put their car together with bailing wire to get to the service area or fill their radiators with water from a roadside stream. They might have to scavenge spare parts off a spectator vehicle in order to complete the event. "We always think we've seen it all, but we really should know better!" said Cassidy. "It's amazing how resourceful competitors can be in the face of adversity!" As with all Thong awards, winners are determined by the Last Ditch Racing team and decisions are final.

Triple Caution Inc., the New England distributor for MOTUL lubricants, has partnered with Last Ditch Racing over the past two seasons to present the skimpy award.

Past, and most likely reluctant, winners include Canadian Champion Tom McGeer and Group N team Peter Thompson/Rod Hendrickson. McGeer won the award for finishing the 2003 Rally of The Tall Pines in spite of heavy damage to his car. Thompson/Hendrickson won their thong for having the car that most closely resembled a snowball and finished the event.

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