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Last Ditch Racing drove their normally aspirated Subaru Impreza to eighth place in the Sherwood Forest ClubRally this past weekend at the Susquehannock Trail ProRally in Wellsboro Pennsylvania. Just four seconds out of seventh place, the team were the highest placing normally aspirated car in the ClubRally behind a gaggle of Subaru WRX's and Mistubishi Evolution's. The team were third of the Seed 4 drivers.

Driver John Cassidy and Co-Driver Dave Getchell pushed their Impreza to the limit over the fast and slick stages. Cassidy and Getchell usually drive a turbocharged Impreza in the Open class, but having raced it last weekend in the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary Canada, the team chose to run the normally aspirated car in order to compete in Pennsylvania. Steel Tulip, as the car is affectionately known, was up to the challenge.
The team, entered in both Club Rallies and ProRally event saw hopes of finishing the entire event go up in a puff of smoke 12.4 miles into special stage 5. Said Cassidy, "We entered a left hand sweeper and the car simply died when I downshifted. Attempts at restarting the engine only resulted in clouds of white smoke coming out the tailpipe. We shut it down and became spectators in racing suits."

The team and car were towed to a spectator area further into the stage where they were welcomed and cared for by throngs of spectators. Cassidy and Getchell were treated to a potpourri of food, including fresh fruit, burgers and salt potatoes. Said Cassidy, "The spectators were definitely pros-when someone passed around a bowl of hot salt potatoes we couldn't help but wonder how a large bowl of hot potatoes found their way into the deep dark forest. It was surreal and tasty at the same time." In exchange for the food the natives offered, the team donned their helmets, Getchell grabbed his route book, and the team ran the corner on foot - Getchell calling out instructions while Cassidy drove hung the tail of his imaginary Impreza out. All the while the fans cheered the duo. "It doesn't get much better than that," said Cassidy.

The team's next event is the third round of the Canadian Rally Championship, the Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs in New Richmond Quebec July 4th. Cassidy and Getchell are currently in ninth place in the Canadian Rally Championship.

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