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Honda Hybrid

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Honda on PodiumAffectionately known as, "Fireball," this Honda travelled to Iceland to rally, only to reportedly meet its demise in a lava field.  Long live Fireball!

When I completed the Acura engine swap, I wanted to start the car to make sure it ran ok.  The exhaust manifold was on at the time, but not the exhaust.  Little did I know that I frigged up some wiring and one of the fuel injectors was stuck open.  My oldest son, ten 5 or 6, shouted, "FIRE!!!!" and ran for the house.  After extinguishing the fire, I did what any man would do, I started it up again to see if it would happen.  Of course it did.  So, the bright red color and the incident led to the name pretty easily!  

Many thanks to Wes Grammer for his article on swapping in the Acura engine and support
throughout the process and Pete Mathewson(fellow CRX builder) for
moral support and humor! :-)
  1. 1987 Acura Integra 1.6L DOHC engine, Integra gearbox intstalled, Integra rear suspension and front disc brakes. Many thanks to
    Motorsports magazine
    for an excellent article on how to carry
    out the suspension swap!

  2. Autopower roll cage

  3. Alfa-Pro rally computer
  4. Battery relocated to right rear of loadspace using Moroso battery box

  5. Kuhmo rally tires
  6. Ground Control coil-over kit in the rear with 300lb springs and Tockico
    Illuminas at all corners. We have fitted 27mm. torsion bars from
    for increased stiffness and ride height.
  7. Lexan rear window
  8. Roof vents from the local trailer supply store
  9. Sparco Sprint seats with RCI 5-point harnesses
  10. 1/4"Aluminum skid plates under the engine
  11. Energy Suspension bushings for the suspension

  12. Perma-Cool remote oil filter kit and oil cooler. With the skid plate fitted,
    It made sense to have the oil filter someplace where we could
    change it along with a cooler. It also added two ports so we could
    hook up our oil temp and pressure sensors.
  13. Tilton brake proportioning valve with Performance
    pads up front.

  14. Phantom Grip LSD-please note that we NO LONGER run these in our cars.
  15. ATL fuel cell

  16. Rally Mudflaps and Hella driving lights and map light from Susquehanna MotorSports.

  17. The car was lightened as much as it could be. The dash remains, but all interior trim and soundproofing has been removed.
    We did not remove the undercoating from the car.

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