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Last Ditch Racing's 1994 Subaru Impreza-L AWD!

Our first and perhaps most loved Subaru AWD. 

The car is affectionately named, "Steel Tulip," or "T-1."  The name Tulip was given because of the reflective tulip decals on the car and her indestructable nature.  

She was sourced from a local wholesale lot and had a 1.8L, 110bhp engine.  I drove this car to a class win at the inaugural Targa Newfoundland.  The class was filled with supercharged Mustangs, a Dodge Viper and a twin turbo, AWD Porsche 911!  She now has a 2.5L engine from a later model Impreza RS with standalone engine management via a LINK ECU.

Steel Tulip remains a rally car and has moved on to a life with co-driver Dave Getchell.  He takes her out for a run on the stages every once in awhile!

* Gear-Here's what's on board
* DMS 50mm rally struts
* Primitive Racing front and rear skidplates and roof vent cover
* Revolution RSX wheels

* Sabelt harnesses
* Goodridge stainless brake lines
* Sparco pedals and co-driver footrest(Primm Racing).
* SPA fire system

* Alfa-Pro rally computer and Terraphone intercom/transit headsets
* Hella off-road lights from Susquehenna Motorsports are also installed. 
* The roll cage was completed by Brent Hatch of Hatch Manufacturing in Vermont.
* Impreza RS rear disc brakes

* Aluminum hood
* RS front bumper conversion and RS rear wing
* Lightweight front and rear bumper beams
* Kevlar sill and underbody protection
* 1999 Impreza RS SOHC engine with LINK ECU engine management(<a href="">i-speedusa</a>)

Very special thanks to the vendors who have helped supply us with product, especially Bill and Mike, Ken Cole  and Accurit Performance parts.

A very big thank-you to Tim O'Neil for his excellent instruction.


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