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Last Ditch Racing's 1998 TAD Motorsports Subaru Impreza

Steel Tulip 2, or Tulip 2, T-2 for short is our, 'new' Open Class rally car that we drive in Pro level events in both the US and Canada.
t2bridge_250.jpg Known as, "T-2," or, "Steel Tulip-2," this car is no longer with us. You can check out the video section for the gory details. A right 4, NO CUT at the 2005 Maine Forest Rally on the Middle Dam Out stage was the scene of the crime. I cut-just a little-but that was enough to catch the turned right wheel on a slab of glacial granite about the size of a grand piano. It bent the unibody badly enough that we didn't feel she was safe to repair.

The car started life as a 1998 US Subaru Impreza RS coupe and had a 1995 JDM Subaru WRX drivetrain grafted to it. The car was originally built by TAD motorsports.

Since we've had the car, we've changed/added a few things.

Engine: EJ20G, 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed, turbocharged(TDO5) with top-mount intercooler. GT Spec headers, cold air intake, custom downpipe and exhaust. Approx. 285bhp. Tuned by F-1 Dyno in Scarborough, Maine, who are unfortunately no longer in business.

Suspension: DMS 50mm gravel units. STi engine and transmission mounts.

Protection: Engine/gearbox skidplate. Primitive Racing rear differential skidplate. Kevlar underfloor and sill guards from Austex racing. Rear suspension protection courtesy of custom fitted Volvo truck mudflaps.Communications/Electronics: Yaesu YM-1500 2M ham radio and Terraphone Pro intercom. Custom radio console between seats. Set of four PIAA off-road lenses in bonnet mounted pod(one pair driving, one pair fog).

Safety: ATL fuel cell, Sabelt harnesses, SPA design fire system. Sill mounted jackstands. Rollcage is a multi-point cage updated to meet current requirements.

Tires: Michelin gravel rally tires

Appearance: STi hood scoop, Primitive Racing roof scoop(covering our fresh air vent) and rear wing.

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