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An update from the LDR crew in New Richmond, Quebec!

We arrived at about 01:00 after an 8 hour drive from Triple Caution Farm, LDR World Headquarters in Bangor, Maine.

Staying at the lovely Cascapedia Lodge in New Richmond. In spite of the late(or early) hour of our arrival, our host greeted us in his bathrobe and graciously showed us to our rooms.

Today, John and Dave(and John, John's son) did recce and found the stages muddy, wet, and very rough. After a 9-10 hour day on the stages making their own notes, the team hit the Bayou lounge at the Hotel Francis for some good food and networking with rally friends.

Duncan and Ken spent the day running errands and looking after gear and last minute details on the car.

Our new Dodge Sprinter van hauled the car and gear with aplomb and is a vast improvement over the Ford box truck we've hauled with for the last couple years. A big thanks to George at Bangor Chrysler/Dodge for getting a new turbo installed the morning of our trip! :-)

Another BIG, BIG thanks to Bronson, chief fabricator and pontificator, for getting the truck together with a push the day of our departure. The push saw John and Bronson turn the lights off in the shop at 04:30. The team could truly not perform at the level we do without Bronson's help and contributions!

Crew present at this rally include: Duncan Matlack, Ken Anctil, Drew Simpson, John Cassidy, Dave Getchell and John Cassidy V.

Up tomorrow AM for an early breakfast and setting up the service area. We know from the conditions of the stages, that there'll be carnage this weekend-we just hope it doesn't involve us! ;-)

Check the Rallye BDC site for results as the day progresses.

Cheers! The LDR crew


Been a bit quiet of late, but wanted folks to know that it's because we're working our butts off trying to get the team in shape for our rally in Quebec next weekend!

Our new Dodge Sprinter service vehicle is getting aluminum shelves, tool boxes, fuel drum holder, tire holder, air bag helper suspension, tow hitch, rear step, etc, etc! Of course, it's all custom, and taking more time that we had hoped, but we're doing it right and not cutting any corners!

T-4, our rally car is getting LOTS of attention. New front bumper cover, new rear wing, new windshield, intercooler water spray system, etc, etc.

In short, everything we own is getting a lot of attention and a thorough going-over!

We're starting 12th out of 50 or so cars at Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs, and we think that's a good place for use to be. We hope we end the rally a bit higher than that, but the event truly is a shakedown for the car and service rig in preparation for the New England Forest Rally, our home event.

Thanks for checking out the site and listening to our rants! :-) We hope we can put on a good show for those of you at Rallye BDC and NEFR! :-) If you can't make it to an event, we'll try and update you during the event via this site. Be sure and subscribe to the RSS feed! :-)

Cheers! John


Well, I finally realized that improved fitness might help me on the special stages, and certainly will help me with my every day wellness.

Got a membership to a local gym and convinced a trainer with a great Scandinavian name to torture me periodically! :-)

So, have only been going sporadically, but due to a change in work schedule, have been going more often the last couple of weeks.

Thought I'd share my experience from RPM class tonight. Started the day with a Body Combat class, and then decided to be brave and try the RPM class for the first time tonight.

Armed with my settings for the bike given to me earlier by my trainer(who teaches this particular class as well), I showed up early to make sure I got a bike. Apparently people enjoy the torture he dishes out in class as well.

Not wanting to be on the bike for the first time when class was full, I hopped on and tried to clip my cycling shoe into the pedal. I've had the shoes for awhile, but haven't used the clips on the mountain bike. Up on the bike I go, then tried to clip in-no joy. I get off the bike and take my shoe off and get down where I can see how everything meshes. Clip the shoe in, and then.....can't remove it.

One shoe on, one shoe off. Not wanting to look like more of an imbecile than I am, I take the other shoe off and head out to the main gym area and hope that Scott(said trainer) will show up a bit early and help me rescue my shoe, and my dignity.

Of course he laughs at my plight, then asks which bike I was set up on-then he replies, "Oh yeah, the one with the shoe hanging off of it." He's very supportive! ;-)

Scott gets me set up and class is about to begin. I had brought some padded gloves with me due to my carpal tunnel. I had bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods last year, and with my luck, they were two right hand gloves! Thinking they were my replacement gloves(which were anatomically correct for a person with one each of left and right hand), I brought the, "special gloves."

Strike two. This wasn't looking good! ;-) So, class begins and I'm muddling my way through, spinning the tension knob on the bike when Scott tells us too. More tension, less tension. He really can't seem to make up his mind. Why are my thighs and ass on fire?!

Get to the end of the 60 minutes and we're done. Some stretching on the bike and my right quad starts to cramp. Visions of my leg locking up and me dangling from my clipped in shoes appear in my head. Cramp passes. Scott tells us we can get off the bike when we're ready and do some stretching.

Oh yeah, don't know how to unclip, but have a vague idea. Spin for a bit more, trying to look like I'm just cooling down-wondering if I'll be spending the night on the back of a Lemond gym bike. Twist my ankles outward and the clips release. Thank the big guy!

Stretching and we're done. Scott asks how the class was and I tell him it was long....little does he know! :-)

As I've gotten a bit older, um, wiser, I've come to appreciate these types of experiences and find the humor in them. I'm feeling stronger and feeling fitter, but there's plenty of work to do yet. Year's of working out with my two trainers, Ben and Jerry, have given Scott lots to work with!

Cheers! John


Work continues at a furious pace here at Triple Caution Farm! We're outfitting our new(used) 2006 Dodge Sprinter cargo van with custom shelving and a seat for crew. We're fabbing everything out of aluminum and it should be a sweet ride once it's done! :-)

Moving from one rally service vehicle to another is almost like moving from one house to another. The tow rig is our, "mothership," and has to be our home away from home, and even our lifeboat if need be.

T-4 is also getting some love prior to our next event in about 3 weeks.

Wicked hot working today(about 90) and Bronson was working up a sweat with the welder in the shop.

We'll be hard at it between now and Baie, making sure everything's as perfect as it can be!

Cheers! John

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<span class="caps">LDR</span> New England Forest Rally 2007

Ride along with LDR's Dave Getchell as he guides driver John Cassidy through the hairy Concord Pond stage at dusk. Filmed during the 2007 New England Forest Rally. Concord Pond is one of the best rally stages in the East.